From the Depths of the Sea

by Wrath of the Girth

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Recorded by Adam Tucker at Shady Nook in Plainfield, WI


released January 1, 2007

Guitar & Vocals: Alex Dalnodar
Guitar & Vocals: Matt Sweeney
Bass: Garrett Pflugardt
Drums: Michael Leair



all rights reserved


Wrath of the Girth Stevens Point, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Voyage of the Chest
Nailed in the box
Cast in the sea
Dreading his dream
Of fulfilled prophecy

Your sins
Will come back to haunt you

Sleeping for days
On top of the waves
Bosom embraced
Caught in the net of Dictys

Because you have risen
Against your own blood
Your own blood
Will rise against you
Track Name: Loom of Lies
Weaving the loom of her lies
Aching for his slow demise

These memories
Are in the past
I'd forget if I could
But scars don't lie
But new things will come
To heal the wounds
When we reach the end
Of all his evil
Track Name: Will of the Goddess
Track Name: Passing of the Eye
The wrath of Athena
Had led him through darkness
Grey sisters of legend
Controlling the life thread

Pass the eye
Trick the witch
Track Name: Garden of Nymphs
Our hero journeyed on to the nymphs of the sea
And they spoke to him in riddles as they danced around the tree
And he questioned for a minute everything that he could see
But he knew that they could help 'cause the mountain held the key

They took him to Atlas
To retrieve the dark helmet
And he sent the eldest
Into the mouth of hell

The depths of Hades!
Track Name: The Clash
Step into the Gorgon's lair
Filled with terror and despair

The fearless face
Was cast in stone
Their daunting paths
Remained unknown
Her beauty
Can't capture
The calling of the Gods

And lurking
Through shadow
With eyes held
Through shield
The broadsword
Will capture
The savior of your love
Track Name: Andromeda
It was cold as a ghost
And she was bound to the seashore
They wanted her soul
For the sin of her people
It looked in her eyes
Then she started screaming
The Kraken arose
From the depths of the sea!

I still remember the night
And how it saw the cursed beauty
And as we held each other tight
We watched the Kraken turn to stone
From Gorgon eyes
Track Name: Gorgonized
When he entered
They were silent
As he lifted
The monster's head

And they doubted him
And they needed it
And now they rest inside
Of the golden tower

For eternity
They remain here
Ancient statues
Chiseled by her eyes
Track Name: Sexy Boy (WWE Shawn Michaels Cover)
I think I'm cute
I know I'm sexy
I've got the looks
That drive the girls wild
I've got the moves
That really move 'em
I send chills
Up and down their spine

I'm just a sexy boy
Sexy boy
I'm not your boy toy
Boy toy

I make 'em hot
I make 'em shiver
Their knees get weak
Whenever I'm around
They see me walkin'
They hear me talkin'
I make 'em feel
Like they're on cloud 9

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