Tales From the Girth

by Wrath of the Girth

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Recorded by Adam Tucker at Signature Tone Studios in Minneapolis, MN


released January 1, 2009

Guitar & Vocals: Alex Dalnodar
Guitar & Vocals: Matt Sweeney
Bass: Cody Klimmer
Drums: Ben Kollock



all rights reserved


Wrath of the Girth Stevens Point, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Full House of the Dead
I awoke in the darkness
To the smell of death
And I heard her whisper
Through blood covered lips
On my noisy heart
As she grew closer
She smiled
Through crimson teeth
Track Name: Full House on Haunted Hill
As she spoke... to me
With words that pierced so softly
I fell... asleep
In the arms of the enemy
With the sting... of skin
And delicate fangs intaking
She took... the soul
Of all I had hoped to be
Track Name: Full House of 1000 Corpses
Tear through the forest
Her eyes surround you
You're growing weaker
As she speaks!
You hear the whispers
In soothing tongues
But still it haunts you
Until you die!

Her veins are filled with your blood
Through darkness she can smell your sweat
She tastes the fear that's all around you
The morning steals away her threat

Have mercy!

Tear through the forest
Sunlight surrounds you
She's growing weaker
As you speak
Track Name: Shady Nook
Track Name: Norwood Asylum
Norwood asylum
It's raving humans
Eyes dull and lifeless
Staring silent

Surgeons gone mad
Their minds extracted
A blur of scalpels
Doctor's orders

Hospital... of horror
Spirits walk... the long corridor

Walk the halls... of the dead
Track Name: November 16th, 1957
Death lurked in the northwood air
The tortured souls had led them there
Blood had stained November snow
Revealing darkness held below

Field dressed bodies
Ghastly trophies

Harvester of flesh and bone
Farming through the corpses sewn
A demon truly dwelled within
Watching through a mask of skin

Gruesome hobbies
Ghastly trophies
Track Name: Spirit Land
Mass outbreak
Judgment day
Corpse reborn
Feast on brains

Rising from the earth
They begin to feed
Dine upon the flesh
Walk amongst the dead

The plague has birthed
The damned
The night breathes fear
They rise
Apocalypse has fallen
The dead have claimed
Our lives
Track Name: Boy Scout Lane
Sound of footsteps
Swinging lanterns
Ghostly figures
Coming closer

Evil secrets
Kept by shadows
Unknown horror
Dark foreboding

Madness consuming
Plot of the deranged
Schoolbus inferno
Children screaming

Things will never be the same...
At Boy Scout Lane
Track Name: Are You Afraid of the Girth?
Track Name: Power Rangers (Cover)
Go go Power Rangers
You mighty morphin' Power Rangers